Advantages of POD as a Substitute for Cigarettes


Advantages of POD as a Substitute for Cigarettes

Is it true that electronic cigarettes are the right solution for those who want to quit smoking? Many conventional smokers seem reluctant to accept this reality and consider it a mere myth. However, in reality this is not just a myth and has been proven by some people. The following are 10 advantages of electronic cigarettes/vapes/PODs compared to conventional cigarettes.

Low Risk

There is a study which reveals that e-cigarette users actually have a lower heart risk than conventional smokers. Even though the results of the study were eventually withdrawn, some of its contents became contentious among health experts. At least, this can be a reference for why vapes or pods have a lower risk than regular cigarettes.

Does not contain addictive substances

This claim is also quite controversial. The reason is, there are actually many e-cigarette users

Produces Steam, Not Smoke

This seems very clear. If electronic cigarettes only produce steam and are different from conventional cigarettes which produce smoke, let alone ash. Well, flying gray is what often becomes a problem. So, vape or pod is a solution for those of you who still want to smoke but don’t want to create waste or residual waste.

There are many variants and flavors

This is a matter of taste. However, we also cannot deny the fact that with so many variants and flavors, vape users have more alternatives. This adds to the excitement of using vape. Moreover, in one tool we can add different flavors according to taste.

More acceptable to some communities

Slightly different from conventional cigarettes, vaping is more easily accepted by some people. The main reason is because it does not cause resi dual ash which is often annoying. The smoke is more fragrant, different from burnt tobacco according to

Trendy shape

For some people, smoking is a lifestyle matter. So, you have to keep up with the times and be fashionable. Therefore, it is not surprising that many vape users are basically very concerned about appearance. And, that is what is supported by a variety of products with trendy and unique choices.

There are many price options

You can consider which product the price will be more in line with your budget. You also have many choices to choose which one is the most expensive. You can adjust everything according to your purchasing ability.

Claimed to be more economical than conventional cigarettes

This is a manual calculation factor that compares the expenditure of conventional smokers with electric smokers. If a conventional smoker usually uses one or several packs a day, we can compare it with an electric smoker which may be enough to fill up several times. In fact, e-smokers never have to worry about buying new cigarettes if the contents of the pack start to run low.

Less Risky for Passive Smokers

Even though the research results are not yet strong, at least many people are considering this possibility. So, don’t be surprised if there are some vapor users who casually smoke in public places and some people around them don’t seem to have a problem with it.

More Practical

As time goes by, people increasingly need practical things in their lives. Even if it is tertiary or not actually a basic need. That’s what is needed from e-cigarette users. With a more practical shape and packaging, no lighters are needed, and of course very economical because it doesn’t require an extra budget like conventional smokers generally do.

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